söndag 4 april 2010

BEHEMOTH släpper biografi

"[It will contain] a lot of pictures and really nice stuff — three or four hundred pages,... A lot of killer stuff. We wanna do a black metal version of 'The Dirt' by MÖTLEY CRÜE. It's one of my favorite books, actually, and I just wanted to make something similar. Obviously it's not gonna be so vicious and so crazy. I mean, you can't really beat MÖTLEY CRÜE when it comes to rock and roll insanity. But I wanna put out a book that's gonna be very sincere, that's gonna reveal some secrets and that's gonna show what it's like within the band, the inner spirit of the band. It's also exploring new dimensions for us, too. We've done music, we've done live performances, we've done video clips, but we've never written a book, so it's like a new territory for us that we enter now, and it's very challenging, too, so I really hope it's gonna be awesome."

Hela intervjun som finska HardcoreSounds.Net genomfört kan ses nedan. Intervjun innehåller även liveklipp, klipp från videos och prat om bandets planer framöver.