söndag 26 december 2010

Citat från DECIBELs artikel om DARKTHRONEs "Transilvanian Hunger"

Nocturno Culto: "Fenriz just sent a tape in the mail, and said this could be our new DATKTHRONE album. To me it was really strange ... but when I heard the album, it was like an echo of the things I was doing in the middle of nowhere. ... Even though it sounds strange the he did the allbum himself".

Fenriz: "Yeah, it was the coldness and the nature and the winter forest walk that we did a little of. Both me and Varg were in to that - walking in the forest - but now i just laugh at it. ... All the rich wite kids of the world think this is really exotic, and want to do it and put on a bit of corpsepaint ... but this is not really wold life."

Fenriz[angående att Varg bidrog med texter]: "So, I was writing [Varg] a letter, and I said, "Do you want to communicate via DARKTHRONE in any way?"... I don't even know what the lyrics mean."

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