lördag 11 juni 2011

Wolves In The Throne Room spelar in

Aaron Weaver:
“I got into a daily rhythm of greeting the weak winter sun in the morning, working outside in the rain until midday, then retiring to our studio to work on the music late into the night. I did this nearly every day for two months. Quite a monastic lifestyle actually. I didn’t see many people. We were totally lost inside the record. Once the record was conceived from beginning to end, we met with Randall and started to slowly build the tracks at his studio in Seattle. I think that this album will be the best thing that Wolves in the Throne Room has created. We’ve never been able to devote this much time to writing and recording. It feels like this will be the culmination of everything we’ve done up to this point.”

Liksom på "Two Hunters" kommer Jessika Kenny bidra med sång till den än så länge obetitlade skivan.(http://www.wittr.com/)

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