fredag 19 september 2008

Tyvärr ställer GLORIOR BELLI in...

Jag hade verkligen sett fram emot att se GLORIOR BELLI uppträda i Göteborg kommande vecka. När jag surfade in på bandets Myspace möttes jag dock av följande meddelande:

"The day before the gig in Arnhem I got seriously sick and had to go to the hospital in emergency. They discovered that something was wrong with my heart, the left part is deficient and it causes a lot of troubles (lungs, blood pressure...) and a risk of heart attack in the end. Therefore I am forced to take some rest and avoid efforts & stress for a while... 2 different opinions but the same diagnostic.The decision wasn't easy as you can imagine, giving up on such a great opportunity and people who relied on GB, but there would be no point playing in those circumstances".


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