torsdag 29 januari 2009

Nocturno Culto om nya albumet och SARKE

Följande uppdatering finns att läsa på Nuctorno Culto's MySpace:

"Anyways, yeah, Thomas (Khold, Old Mans Child, Tulus etc) contacted me last spring, asking if I could do vocals on his new band Sarke. I ended up in a studio in Oslo in October and it feels great to be doing something different. We are even going to do some live shows in Norway this year.

Finally I'm done mixing two new Darkthrone songs, and in late February we giving birth to a couple of new songs again. Sorry, but we wimped out and isolated the guitar amp during recording, but it's still live drums and one guitar. Sound is now "cleaner", but I guess alot of people would argue that. It still sounds necro as it should, but the drum sound is way better in my opinion. Ahh, what the fuck, who cares anyway??? I find myself very much in the black heavy metal region these days, and the new material gets affected by that."

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