tisdag 17 mars 2009

GLORIOR BELLI söker trummis

"we're still looking for a new permanent drummer anyway... Especially for European dates and the next album(s). We're based in Paris, France but as long as you're not against traveling, it doesn't matter where you come from really...
We're looking for someone who isn't already playing in too many other bands, meaning you're available to go on tour and take days off.
You practice drums regularly, using metronome. Our tempos are not so high and blast beats are being pretty rare nowadays, so we'd very much prefer someone with a hardcore/rock groove, easy to go with mid-tempos and the double pedal much more than just a regular 'fast and furious polish beats' addict, though you should be able to play some of our old tracks anyway.

Anyone matching the whole profile, or at least most of it is, welcome to send an application form to gloriorbelli@hotmail.com. Name, age, country, references, motivations, anything that you consider worth telling."

Varför inte söka?

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