tisdag 8 september 2009

HYPOCRISY på turné

Äntligen besöker HYPOCRISY Sverige och Göteborg. Som en del av europaturnén spelar bandet i Göteborg den 3 mars (Brew House), Stockholm den 4 (Klubben) och Umeå den 5 (House of Metal).

HYPOCRISYs nya album "A Taste Of Extreme Divinity" släpps den 23 october.

Ser alltså ut att bli en fin konserthöst/vinter med bland annat TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKER , RAISED FIST, AMON AMARTH, ENTOMBED, BEHEMOTH, (DEPECHE MODE) och nu alltså även HYPOCRISY.

Kan man hoppas på att även 1349, GORGOROTH och IMMORTAL ger sig ut för att turnera på sina nya/kommande släpp?

Roswell 47 från DVDn ”LIVE & CLIPS DVD”

Their freedom was taken away as they crashed
To be abducted for research
The experiment will make sure they won't last
Are there still some alive ones?

The incident was shut down
because national security
was in jeopardy
They say the weather balloon crashed
but we know it's bullshit
We have the right to know what really happened in
Roswell 47
Shipping back pieces to hangar
to slowly put it together
To find new weapon technology
and maybe answer how to live forever

Afraid of spreading the disease, chaos and confusion
The energy and physics law will be worthless
But we have the right to know what really happened in
Roswell 47

They came to visit us in secret, I judged it really happened
They lost control and crashed in
Roswell 1947

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