torsdag 10 december 2009

Rebirth of GORGOROTH

Med "Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt" rör sig GORGOROTH igen... En intervju med Infernus och Tormentor hittas här.

"Wrath(intervjuaren. min not): Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt has a no nonsense directness to it, yet the song writing is more diverse, and you've captured a crushingly ominous atmosphere. In the track 'Rebirth' one of the lines is “Rebirth of Gorgoroth!”, I can speculate several different trains of thought, but what was the reason for it?

Tormentor: I think the new album turned out well. We're satisfied with it. Personally I appreciate the things you point out in your question: It got an atmosphere and an attitude closer to the early Gorgoroth releases, and the diversity of the tracks is better with more heaviness to ti. In other words, it's very much classical Gorgoroth with some new factors added. The lyrics are as always (and forever) satanic. “Rebirth” just underlines that aspect. My suggestion of interpretation is the always ongoing rebirths of the band, not line up wise but more evolutionary."

Nedan låten Rebirth med intressant text(om du lyckas uttyda den):

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