onsdag 13 april 2011


Ett av de klara banden för årets Hole In The Sky är amerikanska NEGATIVE PLANE. Nedan är vad Fenriz hade att säga om bandet i ett inlägg på DARKTHRONEs MySpace:

"Well anyway, here is a band that is both black and death, just like in the old days when the bands weren't easily PIDGEONholed. i also reviewed this for German ROCK HARD magazine, ofcourse giving this reverb filled masterpiece a very high score. note the top comment on this youtube clip (they are not on myspace - hardly anywhere, haha) from the guy that complains about the sound - lamest whining i EVER read! black and death is SUPPOSED to sound like this. Not some instant gratification plastic streamlined soulless shit.

Trånn got me their previous album, they were thinking too much like me on that one, but the new one GLASS STAINED REVELATIONS is amazing and the vinyl is coming soon on INVICTUS records!

- f e n r i z"

NEGATIVE PLANE med Stained Glass Revelations:

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Suntamer sa...

Riktigt skum och spännande skiva. Och tur att den äntligen kom på vinyl också.