söndag 2 oktober 2011


ANAAL NATHRAKHs Irrumator och V.I.T.R.I.O.L. eller som de egentligen heter, Mick Kenney och Dave Hunt ligger inte på latsidan. Trots att "Passion" släpptes tidigare i år verkar de nu som om arbetet med en uppföljare påbörjats:

"The songs we've recorded so far have come out very well. They are stylistically quite heterogeneous yet somehow sounding focused at the same time. And there's one section that's completely from left field, which we've included as a personal tribute. It's all still in a raw, hardly mixed and not-yet-mastered state, but it's all sounding quite powerful.

"There was an earthquake here a couple of days ago, which we're taking as a portent. But there's a fair way to go yet — we're about half way through the main body of it, and we're looking forward to getting back to tearing things open over a grindstone."

Tod Huetet Uebel från "Passion":

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