tisdag 31 augusti 2010

DARK FUNERAL byter bassist

Först tillkännagavs det att sångaren Emperor Magus Caligula lämnar DARK FUNERAL och nu är det alltså även klart att bassisten B-Force har gjort sitt i bandet. Liksom i fallet med Caligula verkar det dock som att B-Force lämnar bandet utan bakomliggande schism. Han kom in i bandet efter släppet av 2005 års "Attera Totus Sanctus" och spelade på 2009 års "Angelus Exuro pro Eternus".

"After six awesome and crazy years with Dark Funeral, I have decided to leave the band. It´s my own decision to leave one of the best band/friends in the world, but I feel that I need to move forward in life and do something else music-wise. There are absolutely NO hard feelings between me and Dark Funeral. We are and will continue to be good friends! I want to thank the band and all the fans all over the world. You kick ass everywhere I've been playing with the band. I thank you all. May the dark forces be with you.

Lord Ahriman:
"We have already found a new and totally amazing bassist; a bassist who lives and breathes Dark Funeral in its purest form. And we couldn't be more honored to have him onboard. We will however wait until everything is settled before we present him to all of you, so please be patient."(DARK FUNERALs MySpace)

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