torsdag 19 augusti 2010

Turnényheter med bland annat TAAKE och ANAAL NATHRAKH

TAAKE beger sig tillsammans med HELHEIM, VULTURE INDUSTRIES och SULPHUR ut på vägarna i Europa. Datum och spelställen enligt ovanstående affisch.

ANAAL NATHRAKHs turnéschema(från bandets MySpace):
September 10th - Meh Suff! Festival, Hüttikon, Switzerland
September 24th - Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
September 25th - Podium 't Beest, Goes, Netherlands
September 26th - ExHaus, Trier, Germany
September 29th - Matrix Klub, Prague, Czech Republic
September 30th - Nová Pekáreň, Nitra, Slovakia
October 1st - Escape Metal Corner, Vienna, Austria
October 3rd - Kyttaro Live, Athens, Greece
November 6th - Damnation Festival, Leeds, UK

"Owing to an unforeseen conjunction of circumstances, it suddenly became possible to arrange a short tour of various parts of Europe. So we attacked the opportunity. The dates join the previously arranged shows at the Meh Suff! and Damnation festivals, and the show with Triptykon in Athens.

Given the comparatively last minute nature of the tour, we appreciate anything anyone can do to help get word around and make them all the memorable orgies of spit and hatred that they are destined to be. One or two may be added to this list, depending on availability."

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