onsdag 3 juni 2009

1349 - "Revelations Of The Black Flame"

Efter lång väntan har nu 1349 släppt "Revelations Of The Black Flame". Jag har inte hunnit köpa skivan än men skall göra det så fort jag får tid. I väntan på detta har jag med stor nyfikenhet läst de recensioner som gjorts och omdömet är än så länge minst sagt ljummet.

Här är ett urval ur många ganska negativa recensioner.

"The tragedy is that _Revelations of the Black Flame_ had all the makings of a masterpiece. ... But held up to both peers and preceding releases, the album is patchy and self-indulgent -- in spirit at least, a little like Celtic Frost's own _Into the Pandemonium_ . Then again, perhaps that's what they were going for all along." chroniclesofchaos.com.

"It might be an interesting and different approach to Black Metal for some, if they are open minded enough; not the right kind of open minded that includes a shotgun or a chainsaw but the kind that you have to be willing to accept minimum growls, grunts, blastbeats, chants, insane guitars and drumming, but lots of ambient sound, in many cases being the dominant feature." metal-temple.com.

"Dominated by meandering 'ambiance' and marred by overbearing, noisy production, Revelations of the Black Flame is an album I cannot recommend. ... It doesn't work as a collection of tracks and it certainly doesn't work as a cohesive, complete album. Mostly disposable and extremely forgettable, Revelations of the Black Flame is a failure of epic proportions. And to make matters worse, somebody spilled jam on the cover." sputnikmusic.com.

Tom Gabriel Fischer som varit med som rådgivare och sessionsmusiker skriver själv på sin blogg:

"There are many reasons for the concept "Revelations Of The Black Flame", some of which might truly be complex to understand for anyone outside of the group. It is not an easy album by any means, and certainly not a predictable one. Accordingly, it is quickly becoming a "controversial" album, and it is bound to polarize opinions. But isn't that exactly what Black Metal should be all about? Or, in fact, what Heavy Metal itself was once about, when this form of music was originally created?"

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Kim sa...

Ska bli mycket intressant att läsa ditt omdöme om plattan sedan. Ser fram emot det :)