söndag 8 november 2009

Intervju med Satyr som lovar förändring

Terrorizer har genomfört en intervju med SATYRICONs Satyr där han utlovar framtida förändring:
It’s also the beginning of a new phase in the evolution of the band. From then on, there are going to be a lot of changes in the Satyricon camp. ... Although we won’t be doing anything overly dramatic, we’ll be trying quite a few different things, which I think is going to be really good for Satyricon. The reason we’re doing that is so we can continue to develop our sound. At the moment we are still enjoying what we do, but if that continues any longer it’ll undoubtedly stagnate, so we need to ensure that doesn’t happen. And moving in different musical directions is definitely a good way to go about it.” ... For example, we may chose to go for a similar tone, but use a different set of instruments in the next record. Maybe there are also other recording techniques, which could add a different element to our work and open up fresh musical territory. Our last three releases all follow a certain style and pattern, and we want to create a record that’s radically different from the others. Though the foundation of Satyricon’s sound – my songwriting and Frost’s signature drumming – will always remain unchanged.”

Vad nu detta innebär får vi väl se om några år men risken är nog stor att bandet rör sig ännu längre bort från rötterna. Hela intervjun hittas här. Nedan Den Siste från "The Age Of Nero", förövrigt en låt som låter lite som gamla SATYRICON och det gillar jag.

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