lördag 30 januari 2010

Attila Csihar om MAYHEMs framtid, BURZUM, Blasphemer, black metal med mera

Sent i höstas genomförde [Music] Photocalypse en intervju med MAYHEMs Attila Csihar. I denna berättade han bland annat:

Om Blasphemer:
"It is a very complicated story that developed over a long period of time. He was always compared to other guitarists, and to Euronymus in particular. He has had a lot of that shit over years actually: from press, from the fans. However he had one hundred percent respect in the band and in fact he had the main role in the band: he was the composer of many albums. He is a very good and talented guitarist. But some people didn’t treat him as a full-right Mayhem member, so of course it went on his nerves after a while. He was in the band for nearly ten years . You know, people change. He has different interests now. His girlfriend is from Portugal and he has his own things to do and of course we were scheduled pretty tightly with Mayhem. So Blasphemer didn’t want to be in a band any more. His decision to leave was his choice , not ours."

Om nytt material:
"We have tried a few things of course. We are not in a rush. And Mayhem is not a kind of band that comes up with many albums. During last ten year we made just four full-length albums. So I think a new album will take some time. We won’t release it until we all one hundred percent satisfied by it. We have tried out one new song already. So yeah, there is some stuff going on."

Resten av den rätt intressanta intervjun hittas här.

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