tisdag 12 januari 2010

SATYRICONs Satyr och Frost svarar på fansens frågor

Satyricon ligger ju på Roadrunner records och i deras senaste "Ask the artist" svarar Satyr och Frost på fansens frågor.

Satyr om sin skivsamling:
"There are also some things that I’m not necessarily proud of but it’s a bizarre record I have. You know the tragic death Euronymous from Mayhem? He had the record label Deathlike Silence where he released the records of Burzum. The man that was found guilty of this murder was the Burzum guy – who’s record Eronymous had released. After his death some of his band members were getting rid of the records the parents didn’t want. One of the records the argument related to was a mini LP called ‘Aske’ which means 'ashes'.

I was looking through the records thinking of buying some and I noticed blood stains on it. I asked 'what’s this?' because it was a Buzum record and seemingly it was in the hallway where this murder started basically. It was a stabbing so it was Eronymous’ blood that splattered on to some of the vinyl in the hallway. I thought it was so bizarre having the victim’s blood on the murder’s record. It’s not something I’m proud of owning but it definitely a bizarre piece. It’s a curiosity and I guess no one really thought about that and for me it wasn’t something I that I was going to frame but it definitely has a history that is bizarre and so I got that one."

Satyr om SATYRICONs framtid:
"Satyricon is divided in to two musical chapters- the ‘90’s with the first three records and then ‘Rebel Extravaganza’ is almost a record that symbolises our transition in a way. Then there is the 2000s with ‘Volcano’, ‘Now, Diabolical’ and ‘The Age Of Nero‘ - which is a conclusion of our work in the 2000s. It wouldn’t make me happy to continue like this. I’m going to have to find something new and exciting. I’m not afraid of that, it makes me very excited. It’s like the difference between getting a brand new car just like the one you had before as opposed to you’re going to get a brand new car, you don’t know which one yet but it’s going to be a great car. It’s really exciting in that way because I know we can do this and we’re not afraid of it.

We’re probably going to be doing some things where we’re going to be questioning “Why are we doing this? This is not working” where instead of getting disillusioned we have to start from scratch and do this again. We have done that many times before and you just have to have faith and belief in your vision for the project. I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be but just the fact that we’ve made this decision makes me excited and now I’m getting ideas on where to go. I’ve started thinking about things in a more detailed way and this will probably open up for me in six to eight months when it will become clear to me."

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